Mediation provides an alternative way to reach resolution outside the courtroom. When successful, the parties can avoid some of the costs and expense of protracted litigation and trial. The process entails identifying a neutral third party who will hear the opposing sides and help find common ground for settlement and resolution.

A good mediator not only helps the parties see things from the other person's vantage point, they can help the parties consider issues and consequences they may have overlooked. The mediator may review ideas or possible outcomes with the parties to help them determine if the solutions are really workable.

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Robert E. McKinney has been providing mediation services for more than a decade and is experienced in reaching case settlements in both workers compensation and civil litigation cases. Robert is a member of the American Academy of ADR Attorneys which is dedicated to promoting the highest ideals of ethics and professional competency among lawyers engaged in the practice of alternate dispute resolution.

James V. McKinney has been practicing law in the areas of estates, wills and trusts, family law, and real estate for almost 30 years. He is a participating member of the Iowa District Court Mediation Program. Jim provides mediation services in the area of family law. He facilitates parties in reaching an amicable resolution to their dispute by encouraging cooperation and a shared understanding of legal realities. Jim's approach to mediation not only saves parties from incurring the additional legal fees and court expenses of a trial, but it also enables parties to mutually determine the outcome of their given situation instead of the courts.

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